Lower Right Abdominal Pain, Needed Extra Care

Do not take easy lower right abdominal pain, since it might occur because of serious disease. When you feel the lower right abdominal pain, immediately call medical examiner or to the hospital.

The nature of the pain is varying and sometimes hard to diagnose why the pain occurred. Keep in mind that the medical examiner must be feed with your information about every symptoms that happen and what kind of pain that you are going through.

Do not forget that if you have been through this kind of pain before is the most important information. That information can be used by the medical examiner to precede further care.

Lower Right Abdominal Pain Source

Many people already aware if there are lower right abdominal pain appendicitis usually diagnosed with. This is an important knowledge since appendicitis is one life threatening disease.

The symptoms, beside lower right abdominal pain, usually follow with fever, and sometimes losing appetite. The pain of appendicitis first starts around the belly button and then move to lower side of the stomach. The pain is also emerging when it was slowly put pressure on the lower right side of the stomach.

That can be a sign of rupture appendix and immediately needs medical care. Otherwise it can cause your life.

Lower Abdominal Pain

But not all lower right abdominal pain can be appendicitis. There are other disease chat can cause the pan.

Pay careful for other symptoms other than just the pain such as eating something that cause food intolerance or poisoning, linked with menstruation cycle, appetite change, fever, vomiting, bloating, or nausea.

Sometimes the lower right abdominal pain cause is not in the place that you feel the pain. This is call referred pain. The pain can be cause by other disease that involving liver, heart, pancreas, kidney stone or urinary tract infections.

Lower Right Abdominal Pain, Impact on Women

Many women experience pain, such as lower right abdominal pain in their stomach when it comes to menstruation time. It is a normal thing. It became not normal if the lower right abdominal pain emerging and there is light vaginal bleeding.

In that case you might have Ectopic pregnancy, whether you realize it or not. Like all pregnancy, there will be pregnancy symptoms. The different is the pregnancy happen outside the uterus and if this pregnancy continues, it might devastate maternal structure.

When in some case there is only small vaginal bleeding, but if the pregnancy happen in the fallopian tube and it’s broken, it can cause heavy bleeding in the abdomen area.

Ectopic pregnancy is not the only cause for pain for women’s health. Ovarian cyst is also can be the cause lower right abdominal pain. Most ovarian cyst is not dangerous, although some can grow big.

If the cyst grew bigger than it possibly to rupture and can cause internal bleeding. When those symptoms happen, there is no time to wait, hurriedly call 911 or go to hospital. There the doctor usually suggests surgery to overcome the problem.

Aside from those disease mentioned above, there still other cause to the pain for example food poisoning, abdominal aortic aneurism, and hernia complications. All the disease needs medical examiner care and treatment. It means those pain should not take lightly. Bottom line is, beware of lower right abdominal pain, before it gets worse.