Why You Take Overnight Freight and How to Ship

You must need a very quick delivery for your stuff when you are in urge. This becomes more hectic when you can’t pass your stuff early in the morning to take a same day delivery. But don’t worry because overnight freight gives you a solution. Many logistics companies offer this option, but some of them only operate it in certain days.

Just make sure that you don’t want to deliver the good during the weekend and you can contact Overnightair.com for more information.

The good should be between 150 lbs and 2,200 lbs and 119” X 70” with maximum length 300”. They work the overnight delivery by 5 pm and deliver the shipping in some major cities.

There are some service extras to see, including the access to the shipment tracking every time in real time approach, the obtain rate quote for shipment, the dangerous goods, and the money back guarantee.

overnight freight

How to Ship

If you plan to take some benefits from Cargo Master, there are some steps to follow to ship your goods. First, you can also process your shipment with their Ship Manager shipping tools. Then, add the shipping documentation. Make sure that it is accessible so that you need to add it outside of the shipment. Finally, you can contact it to book the service. You need to also confirm your request.

It is also important to make your contact to it easier. You need to prepare some of these points. If you have Cargo Master Account Number, you better prepare it before you contact the company, unless you already memorize it. You should also prepare the origin and the destination postal codes, commodity, weight and dimension of your shipment, and the total number of the commodity. Just let the company note them.

In addition, there are also some tips you need to keep in mind when preparing the 1 Day Freight shipment via Cargo Master. You need to be aware of the transportation charges that can be under your responsibility. You may need to move your shipment to Cargo Master vehicle because the pickup may not have loading dock.

Make sure that your shipments contain a base that make the movement easier and safer when pallet jack or forklift is used. The shipments must be also stackable.