Jump Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump

Most sport activities require their performers to master vertical jumping ability. In volleyball, jumping is essential because the higher the players can jump, the better they can block and spike.

In basketball, the best players are often those who can jump high and dunk smoothly. Jumping is also necessary in soccer because the most skillful jumpers have head that is as productive as their feet.

Most track-and-field events in a decathlon contest also require decathletes to be able to jump high. In fact, even dancers have to be able to jump high in order to perform a perfect jet.

Professional athletes, sports persons and dancers can hardly perform well if they cannot increase vertical jump. So, does the jump manual program – guide to jump higher | All about Jumpers work for you?

Jump Exercises that Help You Jump Higher

If you wish to know how to jump higher, you should know all exercises that are necessary to improve your vertical jumping skill.

In general, there are three categories of physical exercises that you can do to improve your jumping skill: weight training, plyometric training and flexibility training.

All of those training are intended to improve the strength, power and flexibility of your hips and legs. Among those exercises, the most effective workouts to jump higher are jumps. By getting used to jumping, you will be able to jump higher.

The following are several jump training exercises that you can perform to increase your vertical jump.

How To Increase Vertical Jump

Pogo jump

Pogo jump is good for warm-up session before you do other jump or plyometric exercises. You do pogo jump by springing off your ankles when you are jumping off the ground.

You must make sure that your heel is always raised and never touches the ground. When you are off the ground, try to bend the back of your ankles by raising your toes.

The longer you are off the ground and the less frequently your feet touch the ground, the better your exercise will be.

Box squat jump

Box squat jump is beneficial in improving the strength, power and flexibility of your hamstring muscle.

Box squat jump is basically done by using a box. You sit on a box and start pushing your body upward. Be sure to do this exercise properly because improper squat exercise will cause injury. To make sure that you perform this exercise properly, use a proper box with height that is no more than 30 inches.

You can determine whether a box is a proper instrument is by performing depth jump from it. If you land firmly without dipping into a low squat, the box is usable.

Depth jump

Just like box squat jump, depth jump also uses a box and is also beneficial for strengthening your hamstring muscle and for increasing height of vertical jump.

You start the exercise by standing on the box and then stepping off it. Upon landing on the ground, you should explode upward immediately. Be sure that you don’t dip into a low squat after you step off the box and that your knees don’t cave in when stepping off.