The Benefits Of Convatec Stomahesive Paste For An Ostomate

A stoma is an artificial opening made by surgery that leads from the surface of the skin to a hollow organ, often in the abdomen for the purpose of diverting feces and/or urine outside the body. Colitis, Crohn’s disease, colorectal and bladder cancer are often the cause of stoma. There are many types of stoma bags used to collect the waste, depending on the type of stoma the person has.

Different types of stomas include those that come from the large or small intestine or those coming from the kidneys to drain urine. Even if the stoma is temporary to give the bowel time to heal, the patient must usually keep it comfortable for a minimum of three months. One way to increase comfort of the stoma, protect the skin and increase wear time is with Convatec Stomahesive Paste.

Convatec Stomahesive Paste is hyrocolloid-based paste that is used as a skin barrier. It works to fill in areas of the skin’s surface that are uneven for better and extended use of the ostomy system. The paste is used with skin barrier/wafers as a way to protect the skin around the stoma. It is not adhesive, but a type of filler that creates a flat surface that resists leakage. The wearer can either apply the Convatec Stomahesive Paste directly to the skin barrier or to the skin.

Application to Skin Barrier/Wafer

After preparing the skin barrier according to package directions under “Use Accompanying the Wafer”, apply a thin bead of the Stomahesive Paste around the opening on the skin barrier on the adhesive side only. Center it over the stoma and apply even, gentle pressure. This will create a seal by forcing the paste across the skin barrier and around the stoma.

Application to Skin

After preparing the skin barrier as instructed, apply the paste directly to the skin surrounding the stoma. Be sure to cover the entire area of skin between the barrier and the stoma. Create a level surface for the barrier/wafer by applying the Convatec Stomahesive Paste on any area that is uneven from scars, folds or other uneven surfaces. Wet the finger prior to application to prevent the paste from sticking to the fingers. Center the barrier over the stoma and apply gentle, even pressure.

Removal of the Convatec Stomahesive Paste

After the paste has been left in place for 48 hours, it can be removed by gently pulling the skin barrier off of the skin’s surface. There are also remover wipes available that will aid in the removal of the paste. All of the existing paste does not have to be removed in order to prepare it for the next application. This will reduce the incidence of irritation occurring to the skin.

Convatec Stomahesive Paste fills in uneven areas of skin to prevent leakage and resist breakdown of the surrounding skin. It improves a snug fit; increases wear time of the ostomy system, and are appropriate for use in all types of wearers. The easy-to-use paste offers a number of advantages that will improve your time with a stoma.